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Capral 400 Series

The 400 series is a 100mm x 44mm section with the glass set into a centrally located pocket. Glass thickness up to 10mm can be fitted to this frame. This section is compatible to all commercial aluminium doors, awnings and casement sashes and horizontal and vertical sliders.

Capral 600

600 series suite is centre glazed and 150 mm wide. This section accepts up to 10 mm glass and also all aluminium doors and awnings.

Capral 419

The 419 suite is a front glazed section capable of taking glass up to 12 mm thick. This section is able to also take double glazed units up to 25 mm thick. It also accepts all aluminium doors and awnings.

Fixed Glazing

Large panes of glass can be used in fixed glazing without aluminium mullions by using silicone joints and glass fins where extra strength is needed.

Channel Glazing

Channel glazing can be used to maximise glass area when doing fixed panels only .

Louver Doors

Commercial Louver doors allow for permanent ventilation and can be screened to keep out insects.

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